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A smoked cod roe sliced in half and in thin slices
Smoked cod roe
Smoked cod roe has an intense smokey flavour and is quite salty. Our smoked cod roe is smoked by an expert smokehouse in the heart of the Sussex downs using the finest Icelandic cod roes. A little goes a long way. Try a thin slice on...
From £10.30
Smoked halibut with salad and lime
Smoked halibut
Our farmed halibut supplier, Gigha, recently started to smoke its own fish. The result is superb. It is thrilling to quote Alain Roux of the Waterside Inn: ’I am a complete convert to Gigha smoked halibut. I recently offered this to...
From £10.40
Two smoked mackerel fillets
Smoked mackerel
Choose hot-smoked or cold-smoked. Hot-smoked was cooked and smoked at the same time so is ready to eat; cold smoked has just been smoked, so you cook it yourself... or be daring and eat it semi-raw. Either way, smoked mackerel is a...
From £8.50
A bowl of smoked prawns
Smoked prawns
Add ’smoked’ to prawns and you get an exciting new angle on an old favourite. These are small sweet North Atlantic prawns, still in their shells. Serve with lime juice and mayo for a very special treat.
From £7.70
Whole roeless smoked scallops
Smoked scallops
Trendsetting foodies will know all about smoked scallops. Smoking imparts a little bite and a lot of taste: you know it’s a scallop, but it’s a rather different beast. And it tastes gorgeous. Ours are hot-smoked (ie cooked as well as...
From £16.70
Smoked sprats on a wooden board
Smoked sprats
A sort of piscatorial peanut, which will occupy your fingers as much as your palate. Beautiful little whole fish have been hot smoked to a brilliant gold colour. From Germany, where they are known as Echte Sprotten.
From £5.50
Smoked sturgeon with red peppercorns
Smoked sturgeon
Smoked sturgeon is a surprising luxury addition to the smoked range, its full of flavour and has an attractive texture. Vac-packed in slices like smoked salmon.
From £16.40
Thin slices of smoked tuna served with olives and olive oil
Smoked tuna
This comes sliced - just like smoked salmon - and you can eat it and treat it the same way too. It has an interesting, slightly more intense flavour which is always popular. Serve with smoked salmon and smoked halibut (white with gold...
From £16.30
Smoked vendace in oil
Smoked vendace in oil
Vendace is a member of the salmon family which only grows to the size of a sardine. It lives in lakes, not rivers, so can't escape to the sea. Scientists get quite passionate about it because each lake where it lives has its own...
From £8.50
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