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Fishrjumpin smoked salmon on a toasted bagel with cream cheese
fishRjumpin' smoked Scottish salmon
Every year, we hold a tasting session to review competitively-priced smoked salmon from many smokehouses. The favoured pack becomes our fishRjumpin choice. Good value is essential, but taste and texture are the prerequisites. Our new...
From £8.90
Hot smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill on baguette
Hot smoked salmon - flakey
Hot smoked salmon has been cooked as well as smoked. It’s perfect for ’flaking’. It breaks up easily and goes well with pasta, wrapped into a pancake, filling a quiche or just blended with mayo and pepper for one of the best sandwiches...
From £12.60
A hot smoked salmon side
Hot smoked salmon side
Whole salmon side, including skin, hot smoked to perfection. Ready to eat once defrosted.
From £54.30
Hot smoked salmon steak served with salad and potato salad
Hot smoked salmon steaks
An old friend gets a delightful new personality... this is smoked salmon, but moist and creamy, because it’s cooked as well as smoked. It comes as a boneless fillet steak - like a piece of fresh salmon, but cooked, smoked and ready to...
From £8.70
Premium scottish smoked salmon on rye bread
Premium Scottish smoked salmon
This small smokehouse uses pretty much the same fish as our other suppliers of farmed smoked salmon. But it doesn’t hurry, and takes extra car in the finer details of the smoking process. The salmon fillets are rope hung during smoking...
From £15.60
Two portions of royal smoked salmon fillet - cold smoked
Royal fillet smoked salmon
Sliced smoked salmon is so familiar that we tend to forget that it doesn’t have to be sliced. This royal fillet of smoked salmon (or Director’s Cut as we used to call it) comes as a single piece, half an inch thick. You can serve as a...
From £14.90
A spoonful of smoked salmon mousse
Smoked salmon mousse
We’ve blended smoked salmon and smoked trout with creme fraiche, a little lemon juice and dill to make a truly scrumptious filling. A few bright orange trout eggs are then added - they bring a real touch of class. There’s a little slice...
From £9.30
Long sliced side of smoked salmon on wooden serving board
Smoked salmon side
Our smoked salmon sides are smoked using Scottish fish. The sides are long sliced. This means they are horizontally sliced from the bottom of the fillet to the top and you will get luxurious 30cm - 50cm slices of smoked salmon. A 1 kg...
From £44.50
Slice of smoked salmon terrine
Smoked salmon terrine
This utterly slurpacious item has a roof of cold smoked salmon over a layer of hot smoked salmon and a generous base of creamy pat. Spread it or slice it. It’s 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. A starter for 4 or a generous main for 2.
From £12.50
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