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Bouillabaisse kit
Make a 100% authentic bouillabaisse for 8 people. Our kit contains eight kinds of fish, all carefully prepared and giving you the perfect blend of bone, head and meat - (basically, more meat less bones). You also get our recipe (which...
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Bouillabaisse soup in a white serving bowl
Bouillabaisse soup
Many attempts have been made to put this fabulous French ’solid soup’ recipe into a tin, but this must be one of the most serious. It’s from the German masters of fish soups, Jurgen Langbein and comes in a baked beans size tin. Over...
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A bowl of clam chowder
Clam chowder
This is our own recipe, made with love and care, not to mention oodles of clams and proper bacon... it might even convince The New England Chowder Compendium and Barry Popik. Not cheap but goes well beyond cheerful. This is a frozen...
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A bowl of crab and lobster bisque
Crab and lobster bisques
Good thick soups from crab, lobster and crayfish equally ready to provide a quick indulgence or a fancy first course. They’re all in baked beans size tins. Please note these are ’old school - comes in a tin’ soups from Jurgen Langbein,...
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A bowl of crayfish bisque with a glass of white wine
Crayfish bisque
This is one of several soups we offer from the top quality German firm, Jurgen Langbein. Their ingredient lists are always very impressive, their soups are rich, thick and tasty, and come in baked beans style tins.
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Smoked haddock chowder with black pepper and bread
Smoked haddock chowder
Chowder means hearty! Ingredients: lots of smoked haddock, potatoes, onions, fish stock, cream, parsley, milk, salt and pepper. Two generous serving s per tub. This is a frozen soup, made by us.
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