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A bowl of raw sliced squid rings

Squid rings

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A staple of Asian and Mediterranean chefs... except they have to clean and prepare theirs, whereas ours are as white as the driven snow and just waiting to be tossed straight into your wok - perhaps with some chilli and slivers of shredded mint... Our small squid rings are about one inch /2cm in diameter. The larger rings are about twice that size. We also sell cleaned squid tubes, baby squid and whole squid. Cleaned squid is part of our everyday fish range. That’s because cleaned squid represents good value for money. And it’s also because you’ll find that cleaned squid is extremely versatile.


Stir-Fried Squid Rings

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Squid In A Wok

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Pasta With Cuttlefish Ink Sauce

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squid, stabilizers E450, acidifiers E330, E331, water, salt

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