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Baby Squid
Baby squid
A pack typically contains 8-15 intact baby squid A wonderful addition to a seafood pasta One 400g pack would make two good sized main portions Squid is surging in popularity and although it's famous for being large, it starts off pretty...
Cooked battered squid rings
Battered squid rings
There are roughly 30 battered squid rings in each bag Pop them in your oven for about 15-20 minutes One 500g bag will serve around 3 main meals These delicious battered squid rings are super easy to cook for those nights where you want a...
Crispy Breaded Squid Rings
Breaded squid rings
There are about 40 rings in a pack, give or take a couple Can be cooked in the oven or deep fried One box could comfortably serve 5 or 6 people These are definitely no ordinary squid ring. They're from our very best squid supplier who...
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Chipirones - Stuffed Squid in ink
Chipirones - Stuffed Squid in ink
Tiny squid stuffed with their own tentacles in a squid ink sauce The perfect addition to your tapas board We recommend eating them cold The sauce these tiny squid are in is made of squid ink, onion, tomato, vegetable oil and spices. They...
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Bite-size dusted calamari with a pepper and garlic coating
Dusted calamari
One box contains 1000g of calamari coated in a wheat flour coating This calamari needs to be shallow fried We recommend that one pack would serve 4 main meals This dusted calamari is so moreish, I challenge you to make this last for 4...
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Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid
Salt & Pepper Squid
Choose between small or large bag Great party food, goes well with sweet chili dip Small bag contains about 15 piece, large 50 pieces Good chunks of squid (70%) in seasoned batter (30%). Not cheap but you are getting a sizable pieces of...
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Raw sliced squid rings
Squid rings - cooked
Ready-cooked calamari in rings A pack contains about 50 rings - 8 good servings Individually frozen - take them out one at a time A staple of Asian and Mediterranean chefs... except they have to clean and prepare theirs, whereas ours are...
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squid rings - raw
Squid rings - raw
You get around 45 rings depending on their size in a box There is no reason to stray from the classics, a bit of lemon and a tartare sauce dip is perfection About 8 servings per 700g pack To the naked eye, these are indistinguishable...
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Squid tubes
Squid tubes
Each bag contains around 5 cleaned squid tubes Try stuffing them with prawns, rice and peppers 1 bag would serve two or three people as a starter size Squid is a great piscatorial experience. These tubes are perfect for stuffing with...
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Whole squid
Whole squid
These squid are variable in size, so you could get one big squid and one small one Try grilling them on the BBQ One pack of 500g would serve two good sized mains Squid straight out of the sea, in all its chaotic glory... tentacles all...
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