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Three baby squid on ice
Baby squid
Squid is surging in popularity and baby squid is at the front of this trend. (The next thing will be... it's overfished.) Choose tiny Scottish squid or toddler grade Californian (although we don't always have both in stock). These are...
From £8.80
Cooked battered squid rings
Battered squid rings
Calamares Romana, the Mediterranean classic. Over bake or fry in a fan - instructions on the pack. Featured customer reviews "Very tasty - cook in a couple of minutes in a frying pan - delicious" "Really tasty, great product." "Baked in...
From £5.90
Chipirones on risotto
Chipirones - Stuffed Squid
Classic tapas fare: chipirones are tiny squid stuffed with their own tentacles in a sauce of squid ink, onion, tomato, vegetable oil and spices. Our brand is ALBO. They don’t win any prizes for graphic design but the quality inside the...
From £6.00
slices of squid on a slate board
Ika - sliced squid sashimi
Beautifully presented sashimi sliced squid. 20 perfect and identical slices per tray. (How do they do it? Someone has had a lot of practice.)
From £9.00
A bowl of raw sliced squid rings
Squid rings
A staple of Asian and Mediterranean chefs... except they have to clean and prepare theirs, whereas ours are as white as the driven snow and just waiting to be tossed straight into your wok - perhaps with some chilli and slivers of...
From £7.10
A stuffed squid tube on a plate of vegetables
Squid tubes
Squid is a great piscatorial experience. These tubes are perfect for stuffing. With prawns, rice, peppers... it only takes a minute and will earn you many brownie points. We also sell rings, baby squid and whole squid Cleaned squid is...
From £12.90
Three raw squid on a marble board of different sizes
Whole squid
Squid straight out of the sea, in all its chaotic glory... tentacles all over the place. These larger squid are variable in size, so your pack could contain one large and one small. If you want fish of similar size, have a look at our...
From £18.40