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Fish stock cube
Fish stock cube
Ambient storage requirements Premium German brand XL size stock cube Great when used for bouillabaisee and seafood chowder Makes half a litre of soup or 250ml sauce Jurgen Langbein brand from Germany Once opened keep refrigerated This is...
A jar of plankton marina
Plankton Marino
This incredibly expensive green powder is freeze-dried marine plankton. It delivers a rich sea flavour and a powerful colour for top chefs including Heston Blumenthal. You only need a tiny amount per serving to get an inspiring result....
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One shellfish stock cube
Shellfish stock cube
This is like a giant Oxo cube. The prime ingredient is crayfish extract. Dissolve it into water to make a soup, sauce or stock. You don’t have to use it all at once - you can spoon out your requirement from the Petit Filou sized pot it...
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