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Stone bass fillet portions - grilled shot

Stone bass fillet portions

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  • Farmed in Turkey and Greece
  • Similar to sea bass, but less refined and less expensive

Also known as corvina or meagre, stone bass is fairly new to the UK. It's a farmed fish which grows to a very handsome size - much bigger than most farmed sea bass. The fillets yield two thick portions from the front and a thinner portion from the back. This is the thinner one - same fish, same taste - just not quite as luxurious and therefore a little bit cheaper. The flavour of stone bass is good whilst not being in the same realm as sea bass. It's a nice, well-priced fish that we think is here to stay on the British menu. Want to know more about stone bass? Go to our blog to read about when we first started selling stone bass, where it comes from and some recipe ideas.



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