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Stone bass loin steaks

Stone bass loin steaks

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  • Farmed in Turkey and Greece
  • Similar to sea bass, but less refined and less expensive
  • Grows large so available in thick steaks

Also known as corvina or meagre, stone bass is a fairly new fish to the UK. It's farmed in the Mediterranean and grows to a handsome size - much bigger than its cousin the farmed sea bass. That means it yields large fillets which can be cut into these luxurious loin steaks and other prime cuts. The flavour of stone bass is good whilst not being in the same realm as sea bass. It's a nice, well-priced fish that we think is here to stay on the British menu. Want to know more about stone bass? Our blog relates how we decided to sell this fish, where it comes from and some recipe ideas.

Returning customers please note that this is the cut we used to call "bullets"... we now use the term "loin steaks".


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