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Live surf clams

Surf clams

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  • Sourced from the Atlantic - typically France or the UK
  • Sold in 700g bags, an ideal serving for two people
  • Great when cooked with spaghetti or steamed in wine and garlic

A good-sized tasty clam in a smooth creamy shell. We buy these surf clams from either France or the UK. These Atlantic surf clams are a great option for cooking spaghetti vongole. Don't worry if not all of these clams open when you cook them. When you cook a live clam they should all open. 

PLEASE NOTE: Live clams open when you cook them. This is because the heat relaxes the muscle, pushing the clam open. These clams were alive and kicking when we froze them, but as they are now dead, some probably won't open, because the muscle won't register the heat. You can pry them open with a blunt knife.


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