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chalkstream rainbow trout back sashimi
Chalkstream Rainbow trout back sashimi
Each pack contains one strip of frozen sashimi Try it on a bed of shredded daikon topped with carrot curls, and some soy sauce to dip For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person We source our rainbow trout from ChalkStream...
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Chalkstream belly sashimi thick
Chalkstream Rainbow trout belly sashimi
Chalk stream trout has a fine reputation among UK chefs, high-end retailers and our customers. The trout are grown to a large size which enables us to yield large belly strips that can be used for sashimi and sushi. The belly of the...
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Chalk stream trout fillet portions
Chalkstream Rainbow trout fillet portions
Each pack contains two skin on fillet portions We recommend baking it in the oven One 320g pack would serve two main portions Rainbow trout are normally harvested at portion size, which is around half a kilo. But this celebrity farm on...
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Rainbow trout fillet steaks
Chalkstream Rainbow trout fillet steaks
Each pack contains two skin on fillet steaks Try frying them and serving them with some potted shrimps and cucumber One 320g pack would serve two main meals Rainbow trout are normally harvested at portion size, which is around half a...
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cold smoked trout
Cold smoked trout
Our delicious oak smoked trout, hand sliced and perfectly packaged in a handy 100g pack. Our oak smoked trout is delicately flavoured and has a wonderful texture. Whether you spread it onto an open sandwich, use it in you favourite...
smoked trout - whole
Smoked trout - whole
Each pack contains one whole frozen and vacuum packed smoked trout Smoked Trout makes a delicious salad A 320g fish would make two good sized main meals We get this hot-smoked trout from a long standing traditional smokehouse based here,...
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Smoked trout fillets
Smoked trout fillets
Each pack contains 4 smoked, skinless fillets Contains small bones These hot-smoked rainbow trout fillets are the perfect option for a delicious lunch. They're super easy to work with since they're skinless and ready to eat after...
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smoked trout pate
Smoked Trout pâté
The signature paté. A delicious combination of smoked trout, crème fraîche, cream cheese, herbs and a citrus zing. Our smoked trout pate combines wonderful, delicately flavoured cold smoked trout with a host of other naturally delicious...
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Trout Caviar
Trout caviar
Very similar to keta from salmon Save about £3 vs salmon roe (but 15% less weight) New line selling well This is from rainbow trout farmed in Ireland (on the Little Arrigle River - I'd buy it just for the name) . The eggs are a little...
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Whole rainbow trout
Whole Rainbow Trout
Each pack contains two whole, cleaned and gutted rainbow trout Try oven baking it on a bed of samphire and lemon One 600g pack would serve two main courses Our rainbow trout are absolutely beautiful and the eating qualities are on the...
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