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Raw tuna misshapes

Tuna misshapes

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Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks, loins or sashimi. They’re boneless and skinless and 100% edible. The tuna misshapes are cut off fresh sashimi-grade yellowfin tuna loins. The misshapes are the product of cutting the sashimi into uniform strips. The misshapes are a mix of sizes but the quality of the fish is not compromised. Customers use these for kebabs, tuna poke bowls and tray bakes. The misshapes are a much more affordable way to eat the best quality tuna. We like to think of misshapes as a mid-week meal whilst you save the tuna steaks for Saturday night. 

  • Each pack is 200g - this is 1-2 servings
  • Cut from fresh yellowfin tuna loins (pole and line caught)
  • Great savings when you buy four or more packs at a time
  • Customer review "These were really tasty and a much cheaper alternative to the Tuna Sashimi for a poke bowl, however not as tender. For anyone on a budget a great way to get raw tuna."


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