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Dried cod skin uggi lights

Uggi - Cod skin lights

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The Uggi light is a much-remarked feature of the meeting room here at Fish Palace. These fantastical lights are the dried skins from magnificent metre-long specimens of cod (the lights themselves are 80-90cms long). Made by artist Fanney Antonsdóttir and furniture designer Dögg Gudmundsdóttir from (would you guess?) Iceland. Uggis have been ordered up by exhibition curators in Berlin, Paris and Washington, not to mention the lighting cóntracttór at Keflavik Airport. So if you put a couple up in your living room, you’d be pretty high fallutin. Available from stock in limited quantities, but we can order new ones if you want to light the street! Arrives wired up ready to connect to your ceiling rose. Requires low wattage bulb and a high ceiling. Uggi, by the way, means fish fin.

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