What you need to know about your delivery

Our range is mostly frozen or chilled. So we give the delivery process extra care and attention. And frankly, we need the same from you... this isn't a pair of socks which will come to no harm from being a day or two late.

Your order is NOT delivered in a refrigerated vehicle. Instead we pack your order in a thermoproof box with dry ice and / or gel ice. It should be delivered to you by 5pm on the delivery day you chose.

Look out for it

Please be sure to know your delivery day and on the day, actively look out for the delivery of your parcel. The driver will not necessarily knock on your door. He is likely simply to leave your parcel in your "safe place". So check your safe place regularly and look out for your delivery confirmation message.

Late delivery

No delivery system is infallible. About one in fifty of our parcels arrive late and one in a hundred are delivered to the wrong house. We are familiar with these issues and manage deliveries accordingly.

If your parcel is not safely in your hands by 4pm on the delivery day, please call us. We will chase it for you.

Depending on its exact contents your parcel should stay frozen until 7pm on the delivery day and at least very cold (and therefore suitable to store in your freezer) until the afternoon following your delivery day.

Messages about your delivery

Unless your delivery address is remote (see remote addresses here), you should receive up to three texts or emails about the delivery of your parcel.

  • When it leave us, a message saying it will arrive the next day
  • On the morning of the delivery day, a text with a delivery window (eg between 1pm-3pm)
  • A delivery confirmation when the parcel has been left or handed over.