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Whole headless black cod

Whole headless black cod

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  • 805012
  • Caught responsibly in Canada or Alaska
  • High oil content
  • A great cut to give you the flexibility to prepare sushi and sashimi
  • A typical wholesalers presentation of black cod
  • Sizes starting from 2.5kg and up - ask for larger or smaller sizes
  • Delivered frozen


A real chef's article! The headless and gutted (H&G) black cod (or 'sablefish') is the typical presentation in which this is sold by wholesalers around the world. Chefs and fish processors will defrost and portion the 'h&g' black cod into steaks, fillets and sashimi. After some customer demand, we decided to sell these fish one by one to allow enthusiastic home cooks the opportunity to prepare a whole 'h&g' black cod at home. Whether you're cooking it whole for a large group or want to prepare some specialist sashimi cuts for your friends this fish will give you ultimate flexibility. But beware - filleting a whole round fish costing this sort of money is not a beginners job. 


If you just want portion sizes - see our black cod fillet steak page. 


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