Whole king prawns raw case
4200g / 6x700g net
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Whole king prawns raw case

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6x700g net / 4200g / 4 available
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Whole King Prawns - Raw 4.2kg Case

This case contains 4.2kg of whole raw king prawns which is approximately 78-90 units. Economically priced by the case. Perfect for catering or large gatherings. Ready for next day delivery. 

These are the king prawns farmed throughout South-East Asia. Eat by themselves or toss a couple into a cooked dish to make it look spectacular. Fun to peel at the dinner table. These prawns are great to grill on the bbq as the shell keeps the meat well protected. They're frozen into a shallow bed of water to keep them static inside their box and ensure they are pristine when you defrost them.

How you've been using our whole king prawns...

  • "These were excellent. I cooked them in olive oil with garlic, chilli and coriander and they were delicious."
  • "They proved to be very good texture after defrosting and easy to shell and de-vein. We used them grilled, in pasts and in Thai spicy prawn soup - brilliant!  Will buy again."
  • "Super good for a classic lemon butter garlic recipe"


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