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Whole king prawns - raw

Whole king prawns - raw

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This is the black tiger prawn farmed throughout South-East Asia. Eat by themselves or toss a couple into a cooked dish to make it look spectacular. Fun to peel at the dinner table. These prawns are great to grill on the bbq as the shell keeps the meat well protected. Normally, we also offer Australian Spencer Gulf MSC certified whole wild king prawns. They are a beautiful prawn from a well managed fishery that has travelled around the world to be on your plate. They have a lighter colour than the Asian tiger prawns and have a pretty blue tail. Find out more about the Spencer Gulf wild king prawn fishery here


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Prawns, preservative (E223)

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The sizes below are “on a level playing field”.

(**Although Atlantic prawns are small compared with crevettes,

OUR Atlantic prawns are normally the largest within their class.)

See product pages for specific sizes.




Crevettes - very large

Atlantic prawns - small**

Brown shrimps - very small

Al Caprawns - huge

Scarlet prawns very large

Raw king prawns - wild - large

Raw KP - farmed - large

Langoustines - large


Peeled king prawns - large

Best North Atlantic prawns - small**

Peeled brown shrimps - tiny

Ebi (sushi) prawns

Peeled king prawns - raw - large

Butterfly (easy peel) KP tails - large

Nobashi (sashimi) prawns - large


King prawns in garlic butter - oven bake

KP in tempura batter - oven bake

KP in fiilo pastry - oven bake

KP in breadcrumbs - deep fry

Smoked whole Atlantic prawns

Potted shrimp

Wild prawns are in blue

Farmed prawns are in red


Chilli & Garlic prawns matched with beer by John Quilter
Jamie Oliver



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