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Two whole salmon fillets
Whole organic salmon fillet
Whole salmon fillet cooked in foil in the oven with lemon

Whole organic salmon fillet

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These are party pieces - whole salmon fillets, 14-18 inches long. We leave the skin on (but they are descaled), and of course, all bones have been removed. They look spectacular when served. We suggest you cook them in in foil, in the oven. You’ll need 100-200g per person. Depending on the time of the year and the avaliability of other salmon species we may offer organic salmon fillet, wild salmon fillet or Scottish farmed salmon fillet. We also offer whole smoked salmon fillets. This is the ideal cut to bake the whole salmon fillet for a large group of people. If you want pan fried salmon you should see our salmon fillet steaks

  • A fully trimmed and boned fillet of salmon
  • Scottish salmon
  • Frozen from fresh


Salmon Coulibiac

A party piece which is very popular in the Chairman's house.

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