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Whole Sardines

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Sardines beg to be eaten with your fingers. They normally come ’entire’ which means with the guts in*, so you’ll have to clean them - it is but a moment’s work. When you’ve done that, try stuffing the sardines with baby spinach and lemon zest before grilling. We sell two varieties of whole sardines on this page. Firstly, the Portuguese sardines. These sardines are frozen at the port of landing in Portugal during the peak sardine run season when the fish are at their finest. Secondly, the Cornish sardine. We buy these super duper fresh form our Cornish partners and freeze them whole. The size of the sardines can vary from time to time and can be a bit larger than those in the image. How to cook them? Well, there's no easier or better way than to get them on the grill. 

Featured customer reviews on our whole sardines: 

  • "Lovely Portuguese sardines - well packed and still frozen on receipt.  Very nice salted and grilled on the bbq"
  • "These Sardines are delicious. Very easy to cook and good value for money."
  • "Cooked in an outdoors wood fired oven and eaten on a hot Easter Saturday, heaven."
  • "These are the best sardines I've ever eaten here in the UK, absolutely delicious"


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15 Minute Oven Baked SARDINES | Bart's Fish Tales
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