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Two thick cut halibut fillet steaks
Traditional cut halibut fillet steaks
Cooked halibut fillet steak

Wild halibut fillet steaks

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  • 256001
  • Wild Atlantic halibut from Norway
  • These fillet steaks are cut from a large fish at least 20kg plus
  • The steaks are raw, skin-on and boneless

Cut from wild fish weighing 20-40kgs each - such a fish is around four feet/1.25m long and yields ridiculously sumptuous fillets. Two steaks per pack. The two steaks in any one pack will always match in terms of their shape. However, if you get two or more packs, you cannot rely on them matching. Generally, our wild halibut will come from Scotland or Norway and will always be portioned here at Fish Palace by our expert knifeman. Halibut is a lean fish so beware not to overcook it. 


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