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Wild sockeye salmon fillet portions

Wild salmon fillet portions

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These packs contain two boneless and skinless fillet portions from the esteemed wild American sockeye salmon. This is wild salmon from America that has a great reputation when compared to some of its Pacific salmon species counter-parts such as the chum or pink salmon. The sockeye salmon has a strikingly reddish-orange flesh. Wild salmon is naturally much leaner & lower in fat than farmed due to its lifestyle of being an open water predator. One thing to note is that you will have to cook the sockeye for less time than farmed salmon. When cooking farmed salmon the higher fat content will keep the fish moist. If the sockeye is overcooked it can dry quite quickly, so undercook it if anything – you can always give it an extra minute or two if you don’t think it’s quite ready. After our taste testing, we concluded that the sockeye has a more savoury and fuller flavour than the farmed Atlantic salmon. As the Atlantic wild salmon fishery has near collapsed we're not going to offer it anymore. We're hoping you'll all love the Sockeye wild salmon and we can become committed to offering Pacific wild salmon. 

The fillet portion cut is from the lower end of the fillet and they are thinner than the fillet steak

  • Two skinless and boneless portions per pack
  • Wild-caught salmon from America
  • Very lean salmon




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