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Wild sea bass fillets
Prime fresh fillets of wild sea bass

Wild sea bass fillets

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These fillets have been skilfully filleted from British landed fish. In almost all cases our wild sea bass are line caught from the South coast of the UK. They tend to come from fish that are 1-2kg. They will be trimmed neatly and have had their pin bones and scales removed. A fine fillet like this deserves to be pan fried in ample butter making the flesh moist and the skin crispy. These fillets don't come cheap but are head and shoulders above the smaller farmed fillets. 

  • These fillets are boneless and have had their scales removed
  • British wild caught sea bass
  • Hand prepared by us
  • Frozen from fresh
  • Sushi grade sea bass


Sea Bass Curry

Fine Indian cuisine applied to a fine Atlantic fish

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Grilled Sea Bass With Pasta & Vegetable Sauce

A rich sauce under a crispy-skinned sea bass fillet.

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