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Two sea bass on the bone steaks

Wild sea bass on-the-bone steaks

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We only have this item intermittently, as it requires (hideously expensive) huge wild fish, which are rare. Traditional ’through the fish’ O or U-shaped steaks (with a bone in the middle of the steak) like traditional salmon steaks... except they’re sea bass. Packed in matching pairs (2xO steaks from the back of the fish or 2xU steaks from the front, per pack).  If you order more than one pack, we’ll try to get you all ’O’s or all ’U’s, but regrettably, we cannot guarantee this. Very short stocks. If you’re lucky, you might also find the tailpieces in stock. 


Bass Rothschild

Eat like a plutocrat

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Sea bass

Sea bass

All you need to know about sea bass

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