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Wild sidestripe shrimp tails

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1 block / 454g
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This is a special prawn which is only found on the Pacific coast of Canada. It's all but unknown in the UK but we were offered a small shipment and said yes. It's wild, pink or red when alive (most prawns are grey), has dinky little stripes and Canadians rate it highly on account of its extra-sweet taste. Try this gourmet item now because we may not be able to repeat it.

NOTE: THE PACK IS A SMALL BLOCK OF SEAWATER (about the size of two packs of butter) with the tails frozen inside it, so you'll probably want to use them all at once (although you could refreeze some after defrosting, if you made sure they stayed cold). These shrimp also contain quite a lot of roe, be prepared to get hands on. About 35 tails per pack. Latin name: Pandalopsis dispar.


Shrimp, sea water

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