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whole winkles on white surface
Cooked winkle meat on cocktail stick
Whole winkles on marble surface


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Winkles are a simple and stylish dish and surprisingly popular. (By the way, the proper name is periwinkle.) These winkles have been cooked before freezing, but you can reheat them briefly. Apply your winklepicker (commonly known as a toothpick) and, with a little twirl, extract the contents. You might like to dip your winkle into hot butter, mustard or mayonnaise. Accompany with buttered bread. Alternatively, shell winkles in the kitchen and toss into a stir-fry or give them a garnishing role in many kinds of fish dishes.

  • Our periwinkles are sourced from the Outer Hebrides
  • Sourced by foragers who hand collect the winkles
  • These winkles are cooked, just pick and eat!

Featured customer reviews

  • "Well, what can I say - took us back to childhood again... we haven't had winkles in, probably, 15 years!! But they were just the same as we remember - be back for more, that's for sure!!"
  • "It is almost impossible to buy winkles anywhere in England. They are a childhood love. The Fish Society do a discount on multiple packs. This is the second time I have ordered these from The Fish Society."
  • "Efficient delivery service, winkles were a nice size and pack size easy to store in the freezer."

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