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Wolf fish loin steaks

Wolf fish loin steaks

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These are thick boneless and skinless steaks from the top of the neck. The wolf fish is not a good looker, but the flesh is excellent, which may be attributed to its diet of sea urchins, crabs and clams - which it grinds up with what one writer called ’great pavements of teeth’. The flesh is pure white but well-knitted together with a finer grain than, say, cod. That makes it quite versatile in the kitchen. These are skinned fillets, packed in pairs, and will be a real treat for any fishlover. (Also known as catfish, but has nothing to do with freshwater farmed catfish). 

Returning customers please note that this is the cut we used to call "bullets"... we now use the term "loin steaks". We sell two alternative cuts: fillet steaks (same price) and fillet portions (a little less expensive).

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