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The Fish Society | 05.10.2021

Hello Alistair,
Just to let you know that we enjoyed our Sashimi on Sunday.
We refroze half the Salmon and Kingfish and the rest we kept in the fridge for 48 hours before eating.
We couldn’t taste or feel the difference in the texture of the salmon but we did prefer the kingfish after refreezing opposed to it sitting in the fridge for 48 hours which left it slightly chewier.
Thank you ,

Hi Tse
I'm sorry you're disappointed.
We don't in fact guarantee to get your fish to you frozen. We try to do that as it is the perfect format. But it is impossible to achieve perfection every time.
But we do promise it will arrive very cold suitable to refreeze if necessary, as yours apparently did.
BASED ON WHAT YOU SAID (about using this on Sunday), I would not refreeze it. Sunday is close enough for you to keep it in the fridge until then.
Whether you will actually taste the difference between frozen again and kept in fridge is a moot point.
Personally, I would find this difficult.
But just as fresh fish could stay in your fridge, suitably wrapped, for 48 hours, so could this defrosted fish.
Let me know how it goes.
And happy Birthday.

Our fish has arrived completely defrosted. The bottom slab of ice was still frozen but there was one small ice pack bag on top that was empty.
I would be fine about this if we were eating it tonight, but it is for a special birthday meal on Sunday. I am sad to read that if I put it into the freezer for a second time it ‘might taste less special’.
My partner has ordered your sashimi a few times and we didn’t have this problem. We see that the packaging has changed, it is great to see it is more environmentally friendly but, it does need a top layer of ice.
Very sad and disappointed.
Kind regards,

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