'Come and meet us' customer open day

The Fish Society | 21.08.2019

For the first time, we opened our doors at the fish palace to welcome some of our local customers to have a look around. We brought in some fresh Cornish fish for a filleting and preparation demo hosted by our filleter Gracjan. We ran a tasting session comparing smoked salmons, tuna and sashimi. We closed the day off with Alistair telling the story of how The Fish Society came to be and answered a range of questions on sustainability and what's next for The Fish Society. 

Gracjan filleting a fish

Gracjan showing off some Cornish sardine preparation techniques.  

Butterflying a sardine with a group of impressed onlookers. 

Filleting demo

Keeping the crowd happy :) 

Your fish is our command

'Your fish is my command', do you get it ;)?


Gracjan looking at fish

Preparing a strip of organic salmon belly for sashimi. 

You round of applause for the filleting star of the show. 


Alistair telling a story

Alistair telling an animated fishy tale. 

Ange having a laugh. 

Cold room trip

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr... Cold in there? Taking a tour of our newest cold store. 

Group tasting

Let the tasting begin. Each guest was given a tasting sheet to grade the fish. We compared smoked salmons, tunas and sashimis. 

Jeremy laying down sashimi

Jeremy serving up the sashimi tasting plate. A cured mackerel sashimi - shime saba on the left and organic salmon loin sashimi on the right. 

Smoked salmon and wine

Comparing our 'Fishrjumpin' smoked salmon with our 'Premium' smoked salmon. 

Having a chat

Tialal, Jeremy and Alistair having a laugh. 

Next Smoked fish customer day

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