Fish We Recommend For A Histamine Intolerances

The Fish Society | 03.11.2022


Around two to three times a month we are asked ‘what fish in your range is compatible with a histamine intolerance?’. Our general approach to answering this question is to identify fish that has the shortest amount of time from capture/harvest to freezing. The more time the fish sits in a ‘fresh’ and chilled state the higher the histamine levels. 

 We suggest: 

  • Wild Atlantic Cod Fillets (frozen at sea)

  • Wild Haddock Fillets (frozen at sea)

  • Mediterranean Sea Bass Fillets (frozen within 8 hours)

  • Mediterranean Gilt-Head Sea Bream fillets (frozen within 8 hours)

  • Skinless Hake Fillets (frozen at sea)

  • Wild Cape Hake Loin Steaks (frozen at sea)

We’re not medical professionals and don’t test each piece of fish for histamine levels. But we do know how and where our fish was caught and frozen and thus we can suggest the options as best we see them. 

Having spoken to a number of people with histamine intolerances we know that it is difficult to find fish that is suitable to eat. We also know that the implications of fish that isn’t fresh with high histamine levels can be debilitating. It can be daunting to be told to find fish to eat that is frozen at sea, ok… But where? 

Buying frozen fish from us that has been rapidly frozen will be a better option than the supermarket as their fish is defrosted for sale or up to two weeks old by the time it hits the shelves ‘fresh’.  

Our seafood is unmatched by supermarkets, and we go above and beyond to bring the best quality seafood to as many dinner tables in the UK as possible.


The Fish Society



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