It’s skrei cod season

The Fish Society | 16.02.2018

Skrei Cod Fillet

It is Skrei Cod season. Skrei cod is a fish with a story. Increasingly people want to look past what’s immediately on their plate and understand where it came from and why it is a good meal choice! Skrei cod migrate south from the Arctic to Northern Norwegian coasts at this time of year. The swim is long and rigorous meaning the fish are extremely lean when they enter the fishing grounds. Sometimes with other large cod of different origin, the flesh can be slightly pappy and fatty. The strict Norwegian catching quota means that the stock is respected and sustainably managed. Not all cod caught in that area at this time of year are defined as skrei cod; they have to adhere to a very high standard of quality to be sold as ‘skrei’. We pay more for this impressive fish than standard ‘cod’, but we believe that quality and origin are becoming more appreciated than the price per portion.

Skrei Cod Fillet Steaks

Skrei Cod Fillets Steaks 2Moist Skrei cod bullet steaks with a creamy chorizo sauce on top.

Chefs talking about Skrei cod

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