Most Delicious Christmas Dinner Ideas

The Fish Society | 11.10.2021




With talk of turkeys running short this Christmas we might need to start to think about alternatives to dress the Christmas dinner table this year. Turkeys aside, we have some great ideas for you to think about for your Christmas dinner table. 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about Christmas seafood centerpieces that have been popular choices over the years. 


For me, shellfish tops the list. A combination of crab, lobster, scallops, and prawns make for a luxury eating experience. 

For convenience, our shellfish platter or ‘plat des fruits de mer’ is a one-stop shop for shellfish excellence. Our pack costs £75 and would make quite a feast for two people. If you have a larger group such as 6, just buy 3 packs. Of course, the pack is just our typical offering, you could always add to it or make your own version by browsing and buying from our shellfish category. 

A light shellfish meal - every year customers call us up to order packs of lobster meat for lobster spaghetti. Normally they are a couple and want to have a fancy Christmas dinner but without going through all the extra hassle of having to prepare the full works. Crab meat or prawns would work just as well in such a meal.

If you are looking for an absolute showstopper, look no further than cooked king crab clusters. A few of these arranged down the middle of the table will build interactivity, intrigue, and style to your Christmas dining. King crab is particularly exclusive this year as the prices have been skyrocketing and it has become very hard to get. So, get in quick to reserve a few clusters for your table. 

How about dressed lobster or lobster thermidor as the main course? We sell ‘dressed lobsters’ which can be eaten cold or topped with your favourite topping and heated. This Christmas we’ve also introduced a lobster thermidor kit containing two cold water rock lobster tails with the sauce and crumb to top. Both are extremely user-friendly options that can be prepared within minutes. A lobster main can offer a light luxurious middle course on what is usually a very over-indulgent day. 

Whole Fish

Whole oven-roasted fish are a great communal dish that look fantastic, cook well one the bone and offer something a bit different to the typical joints of meat served on Christmas tables. 

Cooking fish on the bone cannot be underestimated. Cooking with the skin and bone encases the meat and results in delicate, moist meat. If the fish is stuffed the flesh tends to take on the flavour of the stuffing well too. 

The nation's go-to is typically a whole salmon. We offer a whole, trimmed, gutted, and scaled salmon. Essentially a fish that is ready to season and bake. I like to rub salt and pepper on the skin and stuff it with sliced lemons and a variety of fragrant herbs. 

What else could you roast instead of a whole salmon? Whole turbot or whole halibut are exciting alternative options. As they are both flat fish you could experiment with different tray baking options and surround them with ingredients of your choice.

If a whole fish is a bit too much to take on we offer some hand-prepared large fillets. My two recommendations would be a whole organic salmon fillet or a whole black cod fillet. Both can be dressed and tray baked for great results. 


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