Sorreee... Sooo many emails!

The Fish Society | 01.02.2022
I know how negatively some people regard our marketing emails. I think I should explain why we send so many...

But first, may I assure you that I am absolutely aware of how annoying it can be to get too many marketing emails. Although, personally, I am now inured - I can ignore them. I think in due course, we will all accept them. Like crowded roads or waiting for call centres to answer (and emails are much less of a nuisance than either of those). But we certainly have not reached mass acceptance (perhaps I should have said mass resignation) yet.
Now here comes the WHY: the fact is that although some are put off by receiving too many emails, the fact of the matter is that email is - at least for us - outstandingly successful in terms of bringing in the business, which of course is what we have to do. In a nutshell, if we didn't email, we'd have to increase our prices. That is how successful they are.
As a simple example, we did a special email last week which increased our day's sales by 80% from the normal figure. 
So the commercial decision is to accept the objections because they are vastly outnumbered by the willing customers. If you could guide me to a superior decision, I'm all ears.
And unlike many companies, we offer a genuinely simple totally non foxy very quick unsub procedure. Just click that link at the bottom. It even offers you a fewer emails choice. REPEAT:  IT IS VERY EASY TO UNSUB.. Just click unsub at the bottom and you'll get here in a trice.
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