The Big Move

The Fish Society | 09.11.2020

We’ve moved! 20 minutes down the road to another part of rural Surrey. We're still working through the boxes but we're getting there. We're planning to be up and running like a well-oiled machine by the time the Christmas rush sets in later this month. 

Warehouse photo

Our new pad is five times the size, has ten times as much cold storage, and in due course the smartest studio kitchen you ever did see. (To which you will be invited.)

Not to mention a huge entirely refrigerated wet fish zone in which your fish will be kept effortlessly cold before it runs through a blast freezing facility that will transform our processing capacity. Then whisked into our two storey cold store later emerging into our bar-coded (as in error-free, haha!) pick and pack procedure and finally being sped off to you.
It's all very exciting!

We also hope you’ll take maximum advantage of our new delivery terms – free delivery for baskets over £40. And if you routinely spend £140, we have a little something planned for you too. Watch this space.

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