The Ultimate Christmas Fish List

The Fish Society | 09.12.2022

Christmas is now well and truly upon us, here at The Fish Society we understand the difficulty of deciding what to serve those nearest and dearest. To make life a little easier, here are some of our festive crackers to light up your dinner table this festive period. Georgie, our content creator, has been busy designing these recipes, which has meant that up here in the office we’ve been eating very well. I can assure you these dishes are sensational, and worthy of any banquet this year. 


Oysters Rockefeller

Where better to start than with an all time classic, Oysters Rockefeller. A crowd pleaser that is packed full of wondrous herby, buttery goodness. All you need is eight ingredients and you have the perfect slider to pair with a glass of something fizzy. 


Salmon and Crab Stack

Quick, simple and oh so tasty… Our Salmon and Crab Stack is a must have this Christmas for a seafood lover. Combining our excellent Sashimi Grade Salmon Belly and delicious White Crab Claw Meat. 


Split Grilled Lobster with Herb Butter


This is the ultimate luxury treat. For those of you who find lobster messy, grilling is the perfect solution. Our juicy split and ready to go American lobsters are seasoned, grilled then doused in a melted herby butter of garlic, parsley, chives, oregano and a little chili for a kick of heat.

Leftover Smoked Salmon Tart

This smoked salmon tart is perfect for using up any leftover smoked salmon and works great as a festive brunch! Puff pastry sprinkled with everything seasoning, slathered in cream cheese and topped with some of our best smoked salmon.


Turbot In a Sauce of Leeks and Cider

Turbot is perfect for Christmas, full of lightness and freshness while still feeling beautifully indulgent.Serving a whole turbot may seem extravagant, but it’s simple to prepare and makes a memorable centerpiece.


Lobster Mac and Cheese Bites

These decadent mini lobster mac and cheese morsels are perfect appetizers  to serve during the holidays with a nice tall glass of champagne! 

Scallops with Champagne Sage Butter and Capers

These scallops are served in their shells with an indulgent champagne,sage butter and crispy capers and sage leaves to garnish, they look and taste  beautiful so they are bound to impress. 


Cranberry Sauce Baked Salmon

Are you a cranbery sauce lover? If so try this homemade Cranberry Sauce Baked Salmon! It’s the perfect dinner recipe to share over the holiday season. Containing very few ingredients and ready in only 30 minutes! Serve with your favorite festive sides. 


Christmas Eve Curried Fish Pie

A curried fish pie topped with Bombay potato. This creamy pie is packed with juicy king prawns, cod, salmon, chunky smoked haddock, madras curry paste, coconut milk and tops it all with a spicy mashed potato combo for a more exciting take on a regular fish pie. All the cooking juices are soaked into the mash, creating incredible depth of flavour and the mash goes lovely and crispy too! 


Smoked Haddock Florentines with Poached Egg and Hollandaise 


Our smoked Haddock Florentines are delicious so we decided to elevate them into a fancy, but still inexpensive breakfast recipe that will not only fill your bellies but also aesthetically impress!


Prawn Cocktail Bruschetta 

A twist on the classic prawn cocktail starter, with this barbecued prawn bruschetta with avocado and homemade cocktail sauce.





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