Wild Canadian Silverbrite Salmon

The Fish Society | 18.10.2017

 Wild Canadian Silverbrite Salmon

Yesterday we were presented with the rare opportunity to buy fresh whole wild Canadian salmon. We took it! These were mighty fish, each weighing 6KG.
There are three main species of salmon in the Northern American region. The king, silverbright (chum) and sockeye. Our salmon are the silver-bright or keta salmon.
They have a lower oil content than king salmon and are not as strong in flavour as oilier fish. When looking at the flesh of a wild salmon you will notice the lack of deep white lines. White lines are fat, farmed fish depending on their quality will have a moderate-to-high fat content. Wild fish are fit and energetic and do not have deep fat lines throughout their flesh. This distinction enhances the flavour quite significantly.

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