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Dived king scallops - With Coral

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We buy all of our hand dived scallops from Scotland. They can be seasonal as the divers struggle to get out frequently during the winter; this in turn slows supply and shoots the price up in the off season. Luckily for you, we try and buy a years worth during the abundant summer months so you can enjoyed ethically dived scallops Christmas through Easter. These scallops have been caught by divers, which keeps the seabed looking a lot tidier - and healthier - than catching by dredging. It also explains why they cost quite a bit more. We offer several kinds of scallops. If you prefer scallops with out the roe see scallops with no coral

  • Serving suggestion: 2-3 scallops for a starter and 3-4 for a main course
  • Hand shucked at source with great care
  • Origin: we mostly source these from Scotland but do occasionally take small consignments from Cornwall
  • The best scallop option for the environment


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