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Ventresca de bonito tuna open tin
The box of ortiz ventresca de bonito
Tuna ventresca salad

Ortiz Ventresca de bonito

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This has nothing to do with cheap tinned tuna nor, confusingly, with the tuna known as bonito! (Tell me more.)  This ’Ventresca’ is the oil-rich belly fillet of the white tuna (also known as the albacore and in Spain as bonito del norte), in this case preserved in olive oil. This is a stratospheric delicacy at a rare price! Ours is from a venerated Spanish family company, Ortiz. We have tasted many and we think theirs is the best: the Lamborghini of canned tuna. It comes in a handsome box and would make a lovely gift for a foodie. We think this is the best-canned tuna in the world.

  • White tuna belly
  • Ortiz is an internationally renowned tinned fish brand
  • The tuna in the tin is cooked and ready to eat
  • Tuna species: Albacore, not the bonito as the name suggests
  • The tuna belly is in olive oil


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