Bluefin Balear

Our Team

Bluefin Balear was founded by Edwin and Tony, two passionate fishing enthusiasts who met during a fishing trip in Mallorca. They quickly bonded over their shared love for fishing and became great friends. In 2019, we were introduced to Edwin to discuss our packaging needs, and little did we know at the time that he shared a love for Bluefin Tuna.

As our friendship grew over a few drinks, some fish suppers and many boxes of fish to pack, we decided to partner up on this exciting venture. Tony and his wife Margo are up early most mornings, heading out on their boat by 4am, with Tony's brother often joining them on board.

We send our team over for fishing trips, where they catch, process, and deliver the Bluefin Tuna back to the UK. It's an exhilarating mission to bring this delicious fish to your table, and we take great pride in our sustainable fishing practices and the high quality of our product. We are passionate about delivering a product of the utmost quality, guaranteeing that each Bluefin Tuna you enjoy reflects our commitment to excellence. From the freshness of the sea to the precise techniques employed during processing, we strive to offer a remarkable dining experience that satisfies your palate and aligns with your values.

Our Boats

In 2021, Toni bought Baloan a beautiful catamaran with twin engines. The boat required extensive refurbishments. Within six months, we had completed a total overhaul of the vessel, returning Baloan to her former glory. As this was our first boat, it will always hold a special place in my heart, opening the door to the world of bluefin and paving the way for our partnership with The Fish Society. To expand our catching area in 2022, we entered the market again to find a boat that could take us to Cabrera National Park. Along came Xoriguer 1, a boat full of charm as a classic Mallorcan Ilaut. Unfortunately, our fishing endeavors quickly started to demand too much of our beloved boat. Due to Xoriguer's documentation, we wanted to keep her and make a couple of much-needed improvements.

We are thrilled to announce that in 2024, we will be welcoming the rebranded S’estell to our fleet. It is industry-leading and majestically equipped for any eventuality. We are brimming with excitement to get out and catch some of the finest fish in the world. The emergence of Bluefin Balear has turned a dream into a reality, and now we have our tailor-made boat to take our fishing to the next level. In the meantime, a fortuitous development unfolded, and to keep up with the demand for sustainably caught bluefin, we have welcomed Ausina to our fleet. Ausina is a powerful boat that gives us the extra speed we need to reach untouched waters. Previously owned by my brother Tomi, Ausina has become an integral part of our mission to bring only the finest fish to your dinner tables.

Dive into a world of exquisite indulgence with our bluefin tuna, where every bite transports you to a culinary paradise you'll never want to leave.

Wild Bluefin Tuna Belly - Otoro

Slicing into Otoro Bluefin Tuna is an artful experience. With a knife poised in anticipation, each precise cut reveals a mesmerising marbling of the rich, buttery flesh. The vibrant hues of pink and ivory intermingle, hinting at the unparalleled flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture that awaits. The tender slices, showcase the natural oils, beckon with their delicate aroma.

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I'm Tony Fiol, a proud Mallorcan born in 1991. Living just a stone's throw from the sea, fishing has been my lifelong passion, instilled in me by my father and brother from a young age. In 1998, my father became one of the pioneering tuna fishermen in Mallorca, forever shaping our lives around the pursuit of the elusive bluefin tuna. Then, in 2013, my brother and I embarked on our own professional fishing journey, launching our first fishing vessel. This marked a turning point as we set sail as independent fishermen, ready to navigate the challenges and adventures of the open waters. Edwin and I crossed paths thanks to a chance encounter at my father's shop. One fateful day, Edwin wandered in and inquired if my father knew of anyone who could accompany him on a fishing expedition. Without hesitation, my father pointed to me and my brother, and within two days, we found ourselves aboard Edwin's boat, setting sail to catch tunas.

It was Edwin's first experience witnessing this type of fishing, and to our amazement, just 40 minutes into the day, we had already hooked a colossal tuna weighing around 140 kg. That remarkable moment marked the genesis of a beautiful friendship between Edwin and me, one that ultimately led us to establish our precious venture together. In 2022, driven by our passion for the exquisite bluefin tuna and a desire to share its magnificence with the world, Edwin and I founded Bluefin Balear. Our aim was to showcase not only the wonders of bluefin tuna but also other remarkable species. In this venture, we decided to involve our entire family, with my father, brother, wife, and mother joining us in this exciting business endeavor. And on occasions, our trusty uncle also lends a helping hand, bringing his expertise to enrich our shared passion.