Plat des fruits de mer - Shellfish platter
1500g / 1 platter
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Plat des fruits de mer - Shellfish platter - 1 platter

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1500g / 1 platter ( 10+ available )

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  • All contents in our seafood platter are cooked and ready to eat
  • Contents - 1) One whole lobster  2) mussels 3) three kinds of prawn 4) Dressed crab 5) cockle meat  6)  Brown shrimp
  • Each element comes in it's own pack
  • Ideal seafood platter delivery for special events such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • One pack makes a slap up meal for two.

Got something to celebrate? Do it in style with our plat des fruits de mer, which contains nine kinds of shellfish as listed above. It's very easy to deal with as everything is already cooked - you only need to defrost it, split the lobster (easy with a heavy knife) and arrange it on a pile of ice. It comes with a full rundown on how to make a success of this famous dish. If you would like to add other kinds of shellfish, you'll find many candidates on our site.


Stretching beyond two people: frankly, there is enough here to make a starter for six. However, the best bits are not easy to divide. To pad out your platter, consider buying crevettes prawns and/or say an extra lobster.

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