Remote UK post codes

We normally use Royal Mail Special Delivery (RMSD)
Delivery is by 1pm in most areas (see last column)

  • RMSD surcharge £20 and for Saturdays, £32.
  • RMSD deliveries must be signed for
  • Please be sure to read the further notes below table

This list may not be 100% accurate. If in doubt, call us.

  delivery by should arrive by
AB 30 and 33-38 RMSD 5.30
AB 31, 32 and 39 courier 5.00
AB 40-56 RMSD 5.30
BT (all Northern Ireland) RMSD 1.00
DD 8-9 RMSD 1.00
DD 10 and 11 courier 5.00
DG 1 and 10 courier 5.00
FK 17 and 18 courier 5.00
FK 19-21 RMSD 1.00
GY 1 Herm RMSD *2 days call us
GY 2-8 RMSD 1.00
GY 9-10 RMSD *2 days call us
HS (all Hebrides except HS2) RMSD 5.30
HS 2 RMSD *2 days call us
IM (Isle of Man) RMSD 1.00
IV 1-20 RMSD 1.00
IV 21-63 RMSD 5.30
JE (Jersey) RMSD 1.00
KA 26 courier 5.00
KA 27-28 RMSD 1.00
KW 1-15 RMSD 5.30
KW 16 - non Town and 17 RMSD *3 days call us
KW 16 Stromness Town  only RMSD 5.30
PA 20-49 RMSD 5.30
PA 60-75 RMSD *2 days call us
PA 76-77 and PA 80 RMSD 5.30
PA 78 RMSD *2 days call us
PH 15-50 except 31 and 41-44 RMSD 5.30
PH 31 and 41-44 RMSD *3 days call us
PO 30-41 (Isle of Wight) RMSD 1.00
TR (Scilly Isles) RMSD *3 days call us
ZE 1 RMSD 5.30
ZE 2-3 RMSD 1.00

Please recognise that our products are highly perishable and will - ideally - reach you within 24 hours of leaving us. Therefore, we regard as 'remote' any address our courier cannot reliably reach by 1pm the day after despatch. Although expensive, RMSD is quite reliable and reaches 99% of remote postcodes by 1pm.

Remotes fall into three categories. 

  •   Delivery is by 1pm, but there is a surcharge because we use RMSD.
  •   Delivery is by 5.30pm. There is a surcharge except for a few addresses marked "courier" above.
  •   The transit time is 2 days or more. Call us - we'll talk you through the issues.

Royal Mail Special Delivery relies on aircraft which may be delayed by weather. In such cases, we will not be able to compensate you for late delivery (but normally "one day late" deliveries are fine to put in your freezer).

Orders sent by RMSD may be tracked here. Call us from 4.30pm on the day before delivery for the tracking code.

Our website does not recognise every remote postcode. It's pretty good at postcodes requiring a surcharge. But it does not recognise if your post code cannot be delivered by 1pm. If delivery by 1pm is important to you, please check its availability above or call us. AND CONSIDER setting an earlier delivery date.