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Two smoked haddock fillet steaks on white paper background

Smoked haddock fillet steaks

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Prime thick mid-fillet portions matched for weight and shape. From large undyed fillets of smoked haddock produced in the legendary listed smokehouses of Alfred Enderby Ltd. They have Protected Geographical Designation and take it from us - they are the bees’ knees. They control the sourcing, preparation and smoking process to make sure their smoked haddock maintains the award-winning standard each and every batch. They source the haddock from the Grimsby fish market, fillet it in house, cure the fillets in salt water and then smoke the haddock fillets.  

  • Award-winning Grimsby smoked haddock
  • Undyed - beautiful natural straw-colour
  • 2 fillet steaks per pack
  • Produced from XL haddock fillets
  • Looking for whole fillets of undyed smoked haddock?

Featured customer reviews

  • "Smoked haddock is delicious!  Cooked in milk with butter and a little salt and pepper, it tastes exactly the way I remember when I was a kid in Scotland."
  • "Had these last night, really nice and a good size. Thank you."
  • "Very fresh and tasty - large enough for one between two for elderly appetites - my grandfather was a fish wholesaler in Brixham in the 1930s and my mother knew only fresh fish - she would never buy fish from the fishmonger when we lived in Ealing - she said the fish looked dead - it was of course but certainly did not look fresh from the sea -  Fish Society fish does and I know my late mother would approve !! "


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All smoked fish contains added salt. Does not contain dye.


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Source: marco recipes






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