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Cooked white crab meat in white dish on ice
White crab meat on blinis with cucumber and keta on serving tray
White crab claw meat in 1lb tub

White Crab Claw Meat

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We sell many kinds of white crab meat from all over the world, including from snow crab and king crab. They all have their fans but this fine British crab meat, which we source from Devon and Cornwall or Scotland, is always the most popular: the big luscious chunks from the claws of good old brown crabs are very hard to beat. Our crab claw meat is hand-picked to order at the quayside in the West Country. This crab meat is cooked, we will only ever sell you cooked crab meat as it has to be cooked to extract it from the shell.   

  • This crab meat is carefully picked by hand
  • The crab meat is either from Cornwall, Devon or Scotland
  • The crab meat is cooked and ready to eat
  • Eat cold or gently reheat to serve


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