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Two cooked american lobsters
North American cooked lobsters
North American Cooked Lobster on a baking tray

American cooked lobster

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Fancy a New England or Canadian lobster? A vast lobster industry there exports all over the world and Americans abroad tend to insist on ’Maine lobster if you please’. These are cooked and ready to eat. They tend to be smallish - you'll need 1 per serving. Being smaller, they're also a good bit cheaper than other cooked lobster alternatives, making them ideal for surf and turf.  **BLOCK frozen means your lobster is frozen within a giant icecube. **NORMAL don't have the icecube so need to be looked after a bit more carefully in your freezer, to avoid the claws coming adrift, but' they'll take up less space. If you need a claw cracker, go here.

PS - we do not offer a choice between Canadian or US lobsters. Depending on what's available, sometimes you get one, sometimes the other. We think they're pretty similar.


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