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Three baby squid on ice
Baby squid tray roasted Greek style
Baby squid grilled

Baby squid

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Squid is surging in popularity and baby squid is at the front of this trend. (The next thing will be... it's overfished.) Choose tiny Scottish squid or toddler grade Californian (although we don't always have both in stock). These are whole fish just as they came out of the sea, but dead easy to clean under running cold water. They're frozen into blocks (the California block is twice the size of the Scottish block). If you don’t want to use the whole block at once, defrost in fridge for six hours, separate, and refreeze what you don’t need now.

  • Choose small Scottish or larger Californian
  • Frozen in a block
  • Delicate tentacles and firm tubes
  • Perfect for dozens of Asian dishes


Whole Baby Squid Recipe | Spicy Calamari Curry Coconut Milk
Source: Top Srilankan Recipes


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