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Black cod fillet steaks

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This is unquestionably one of the finest fish in the sea. Also known as sablefish, black cod comes from fisheries in Alaska and Canada which are a fascinating 30-year tale of morality in sustainable fishing. You can read this story here. Steaks are prime oblong mid-fillet steaks. Bullets are from the top of the loin, which means they’re narrower but thicker. Portions are thinner steaks that are usualy cut from the bottom of the black cod fillet. All of these cuts are intended to be boneless. Watch our black cod video. Black cods rise in popularity in recent years is somewhat aided by the famous recipe from Nobu, miso marinated black cod. We suggest using our black cod bullets if you want to try this recipe. Black cod has a very high oil content, this makes the flesh buttery and soft when cooked. Black cod's flesh flakes when cooked and is pearly white.

  • Number 1 online black cod retailer
  • Best black cod recipe: Nobu's miso marinated black cod
  • Alaskan black cod from and MSC certified fishery
  • Frozen at sea black cod
  • Sashimi grade black cod 



Seared Black Cod With Sake-Wasabi Sauce

A very stylish meal

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Black cod

Black cod

All you'd need to know about Black cod

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