Our friends at Bray Cured

Alistair Blair | 20.10.2023

Just occasionally, we like to give a plug to our friends. So please meet BRAY CURED, whose charcuterie we have tasted and it is excellent. Bray is the passion of Alex Mugan who has spent the last five years turning his hobby into his business (sounds a bit like how we got started).

Bray is based in Maidenhead but via its website you can have all sorts of exciting and unusual charcuterie sent by mail. Hogget Bresaola, Berkshire Salami, Cured Pork Shoulder and Air Dried (Parma-esque) Ham lead a long lineup.

Bray also offer gift cards, subscriptions and even courses. So if you ever fancied curing a duck or making your own bacon, this is the opportunity.


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