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The Fish Society | 10.08.2021

August 10th 2021. A momentous day.

At least ten, and quite possibly 12 years after we first tried to replace poly boxes with cardboard, the Brave New World has arrived. Cardboard 2 is a 100% kerbside recyclable thermoproofed cardboard outer. It will replace poly boxes. The first day of Cardboard 2.0 is today.

In truth, there's one crucial stage still to go. We have tested Cardboard 2.0 extensively in prototype form, but now we need thousands of orders to arrive successfully before we we really know this is the one. Because only then can we identify those low incidence cases that are the true test: the day-lates, the "Size 4 won't go through the DPD sorting machine", the "in these unusual conditions, the box failed ...". Mr Glum is on the case.

But he is in fact highly optimistic. For a start it will certainly stand up much better to those "Sorry I fell on it/trod on it/piled too much on top of it ... and it smashed" incidents. And whereas it was always clear that Cardboard 1.0 required a wing and a prayer, the new kid looks really solid.

You'll be hearing a lot more about Cardboard 2.0 in coming weeks. We will be shouting it from the hilltops. But I wanted to record this special day in our blog. Because we have been working towards it fot at least 15 years.

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