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Cod Fillet Steaks

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This is cod in its Sunday best - you are getting the prime cuts of the fillet - no tail, no flap, no bones. Produced from ultra-fresh cod landed at UK or Icelandic ports then rushed to us for processing. Vac-packed in pairs of matching shape and weight. Bullets are bullety shapes from the front of the cod fillet. Fillet steaks are oblongs from the middle. (See the fish terms explained tab lower down the page). Portions are normally tail end fillet steaks, thinner, but no less flavour. Fillet steaks are thick cut which gives you flexibility when it comes to cooking them. They work well when baked as the cod can retain the moisture and will yield lovely large flakes. The skin-on fillet steaks are awesome for pan frying - heat the pan to a medium heat and place the steak in skin side down and cook for 70% of the time on that side, this will give you that irresistible crispy skin finish. (Remember to pat the fish skin dry before cooking for crispy skin).

  • The Fish Society's signature 'fillet steak' cut (see fish terms section below)
  • These cod steaks are cut from large fresh cod fillets
  • Frozen from fresh
  • 100% boneless steaks
  • Typical origin: Scotland, Iceland or Norway


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