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Cod liver

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  • Great discounts on multi-buys tiers up to 32 tins
  • Long expiry dates
  • Great source of omega 3 fatty acids
  • The cod liver is cooked and tinned in its own oil. No additives apart from 1g salt.
  • Drained weight = 60g

If you were force fed on cod liver oil as a child, you are just not going to get this one. Others (for instance The Primalist) appreciate that cod liver is a real delicacy, often considered a serious alternative to foie gras. They know it as foie de morue. This is from Iceland, where everybody is very healthy and they eat a lot of cod liver. It’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and a plentiful source of vitamins A and D. Its oil helps keep your cardiovascular function healthy and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It has been poached in its own oil and comes in a sardine-sized tin. Please note that cod liver is not recommended during (or if planning) pregnancy due to its high vitamin A content.

AND BY THE WAY, after eating the liver, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF DISCARDING THE OIL. Grate lemon zest into it, plus fresh dill and perhaps some spring onion. Mix and dip bread into it. Superb.


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