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Turbot roe
Turbot roe
Large. plump roes removed from extra large wild Turbot. Flavoursome and bold, this roe could rival the much-loved cods roe.
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Two turbot fillet steaks, skin side up
Turbot fillet steaks
Perfect rectangular fillet steaks from farmed fish.
From £42.50
Raw turbot misshapes in a bowl
Turbot misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless. You could cook them up by themselves - just flash fry in butter - or mix a few packs up to make a fish stew or fish pie.
From £10.00
Sliced raw turbot engawa
Turbot engawa sashimi
There's a fish in Japanese waters that is occasionally translated as turbot. But it's not (true turbot is only found in European waters). I haven't eaten the Japanese pretender but it looks more like a flounder to me. So it has no...
From £3.90
Two wild on the bone turbot steaks
Turbot on the bone steaks - wild
Also known as ’tronchons’, these steaks give you an ’on the bone’ experience second to none. Don’t be frightened... the turbot’s bones are large and easy to deal with - when properly cooked, the meat will simply slide off them. MIDRIFF...
From £21.90
Two whole turbot on white background
Whole turbot
Make a spectacular centrepiece with a whole baked turbot. True, getting the fillet portions neatly off the bone needs a bit of practice. So why don't you get started with a small fish? (We recommend a pair of Victorian fish servers which...
From £46.30
Two turbot fillet steaks flesh side up on grey slate
Wild turbot fillet steaks
The turbot price is very high, but that is because it is a very fine fish. The flavour is superb and we fillet large fish to give sumptuous thick turbot steaks. Poach or steam to keep them moist or gently pan fry for that crispy skin...
From £26.40
A cooked turbot fillet portion on black squid ink rissotto
Turbot fillet portions
A large wild turbot might yield many as 15 boneless servings from a single fish. We grade these into ’steaks’ and ’portions’ according to shape and thickness. Frankly, only if you looked at them side by side would you realise that these...
From £13.90
Thin sliced turbot sashimi on rice ball
Turbot Sashimi
These are strips of skinned turbot meat for you to cut to size. We categorise this item into three: body meat, flap meat and fin muscle - that’s the muscle that controls the fin (engawa), not the fin itself. Each is quite different. The...
From £10.10