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Whether you're stocking up for a BBQ, refreshing your weekly meal prep, or treating yourself to some well-deserved goodies, now's the time to act. Grab your favourites before it's too late and enjoy these fantastic weekend offers.
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New Arrivals

Explore the flavours of our latest & greatest Fish Society additions! Collectively as a team, we are always reviewing and taking note of what you would like us to be supplying. Some of our products are seasonal, so when it's their time of year, you'll find them here.
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Biodynamic Montesión White Wine

Montesión Wine Estate in Porreres, Mallorca, is renowned for its high-quality, biodynamically cultivated wines. The 18-hectare vineyard has been organically farmed since 1998, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. Certified by Demeter International, the estate follows strict biodynamic standards that exceed traditional organic practices.
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Explore Our "Made By Us" Collection

A treasure trove of freezer staples that will elevate your cooking game effortlessly. From the tantalising sweet & spiciness of Tom Yum to the rich creaminess of Laksa, each recipe is bursting with flavour, perfect for any day of the week.
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Local fishmongers are great, but where are they? Supermarkets have fish, it doesn’t make the cut! The best fish? We’ve got you.


We offer a wider range of fish than most sushi bars. Most of this fish comes in small blocks which you'll slice yourself. These blocks are easy to slice to create your best nigiri and Maki. The most wonderful flavour of our sake salmon sashimi grade or our sashimi grade sea urchin will make an exciting roll platter.


Fish Heads Podcast - By Alistair Blair and Graeme Rigby

Do You Tune In? Alistair joins forces with another seasoned fish aficionado, Graeme Rigby, and we engage in lively conversation while enjoying a seafood feast. The inaugural episode focuses on the art of filleting, featuring a demonstration from our skilled head filleter, Nuno, showcasing his knife-wielding expertise (in what could be considered a swansong performance)

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We’re the UK’s No.1 specialist online fishmonger. We professionally freeze fish when it’s at it’s freshest to pause the clock on quality.